Day log

UPDATE 6/6/08: ALL RIGHT, I guess this page really doesn’t make sense. Like a blog within a blog. Just look through the posts for progress. Brilliant.


We’ll see how updating this goes. Basically, I want a general overview at the end of the month as to how badly I spent my time. And we’re off.


  1. [Went to church, played some softball.]
  2. Created RoR project, added in Restful Authentication plugin.
  3. Added Challenges scaffold, basic CSS/layout from my earlier mockups, worked on web site layout a bit. [blogged]
  4. Fleshed out Challenges with updated DB schema, applied authentication rules to appropriate sections, worked on Create a New Challenge section. Surprised how intuitive it started to feel after working a bit. Big thumbs up.

  1. […] Of my blog, just so I can do more here and less on the app. Introducing DayLog (log, log, […]

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