I wrote this yesterday, and Opera lost it with it’s weirdness, so I waited until today, breathing deeply, to write again.

Currently, I’m done with most of the side-project I had for July, and the rest should go quickly. That’s all well and good.

But here’s the dilemma: I have these ideas, in my head, like. Like Runimal, say. And some other ideas.  And a while ago, I had a pretty good idea, I think, that has ::gasp:: a revenue model, plus a ::hiccup:: potentially large market.

So I naturally want to write the shiny new thing. But is this just a sign that I can’t focus, or a smart switch to a better idea? So that’s what I’m thinking about. While redesigning the web site for an old product I released in 2006. I may be ADD.

Just thoughts. Mainly, Runimal is still where it was a month ago. And it’s dang hot in my office ;).


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