Status! (Short version: Not done. In good company.)

Aw, man… Lost my brilliant post by pressing some stupid Opera key combination that took me off-page to help me translate to Spanish. Clicked back and all was blank (actually, the title was there.. Wow, thanks).

Anyhoo, Runimal is NOT done, but I’m not unhappy (except about my lost post). I have a lot of big functionality done, and a lot left, but the remainder is a lot of ‘implement the rest of the challenge types’, and ‘test email invites’, versus ‘figure out if I can do X’.

X is done, man, I’m just filling in the holes. Sometimes with live, squirming groundhogs. (That’s an apt metaphor for my Ruby code, actually. I’ll leave the dots for you to connect.)

And from a quick glance about the 30 day blogs, looks like I’m in good ‘no-launch-yet’ company, though many are much closer to it than I. :)

So I am, overall, well-pleased. The 30-day challenge served its purpose to get me out of bed at 5:30 AM for many days in a row. I maintained a pretty strict schedule where I spent evenings and Sundays hanging out with my wife (not working), and still managed to get further than I thought I would. So there you have it.

Oh, and I ‘learned’ RoR. I still don’t know much, but Ilikeitalot. High-fives all around.

And I’m no longer upset about my lost post. I got to work in groundhogs, so this one is obviously better.


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