Design progress

I think the Day Log page is a bit redundant. This is a blog, daily posts are what it’s for. :P
I’ll retire it and move the content up sometime soon.

Today I mainly did more work on the design of the Create a Challenge page. It’s the main feature of my app, so it’s the most important design piece. Hopefully my layout (sketched quickly on a notepad) works. Didn’t do any more backend code.

The colors and stuff still look terrible, so I’ll have to eventually sit down and focus on those. I have some base colors in my mockups I can use, but I think a good accent color would do wonders. Colors are a bit difficult for me, since I have a touch of color-blindness (can’t see the numbers in the circles at the eye doctor). It works out okay, though — don’t be expecting some wild clashing monstrosity. :P

My head tells me I need to nail down functionality before colors, but another part of my head tells me that having a pretty design will make me happier when I look at it, and happier == more productive. Einstein said that.

The other 30dayer’s projects are looking really interesting. Like Scott said, the variety and scope of projects is impressive. Looking forward to adding Runimal to the list of ‘winners’ (in the Nanowrimo sense) come July 1st.


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