The Big Idea:

Following along with the crowd, here’s some more details about my project.

Runimal is based on a simple premise: Competition motivates people. I’m taking that idea as it applies to running, and combining it with the Awesome Power Of The Internet to make it easier to compete*.

The ‘problem’ with running and competing is that you generally have to a) live in the same vicinity, b) be able to fit the same times into your schedule, c) have a place that’s mutually convenient and works for your running style or workout, etcetera. Basically, you have to be in the same place at the same time with your fellow runner[s] to be able to compete, or build off of each other.

Runimal solves that problem by letting you create challenges online, and send them to your friends. Once you’re signed up, you come to the site after each run and input it into the application. The run is applied to your challenges and everyone in that challenge is updated with the new data. This lets everyone see at a glance vital things like “who’s winning,” and “what do I need to do to win?”
All with appropriately beautiful graphs and charts, of course.

That’s the start of the idea, and the sum total of what I want to have implemented by month’s end.
Though I say ‘competition’, I very much want to target more casual, collaborative users as well; not so much “I’ll be the first to run a 7-minute mile” as “Let’s track our running and see if we can do thirty consecutive two-mile days.” I toss around competition/challenge/goal interchangeably right now — I’ll firm up my message for the actual site, and make sure everyone feels included. ;)


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