I am Runimal, hear me RoR

Yesterday I plugged in a RESTful authentication plugin, following yon. Yeah, that’s the most important part :P. I think reading through it will be helpful, since I need to be able to send e-mail in other parts of the app.

Learning a new technology as you create a new product is probably not a great route to go, in general. Everything’s new, you want to do things the ‘right way’, so you find yourself googling how to make static pages that don’t need a database/controller/anything special. To use PHP as an example, it’s incredibly easy to start plugging functionality into existing markup, until you’ve built a hideous towering monstrosity of code and rubber-bands, hopelessly mixing content/presentation/verb tense.

Reading over that again, that may not be a point in PHP’s favor. And I know, you don’t do it that way. Just sayin’ it’s easy to do.

Anyhow, RoR. I like all the concepts. I don’t know Ruby. I like MVC. I don’t know Rails. I like cobbling together random snippets of code from the interweb until I have what I want. Wait, that’s not true. I feel like I should take some time and actually learn what I’m doing, but I have a half-formed theory that an actual project is the best way (for me) to do that. The self-imposed 30 day deadline just makes it interesting.

I do seem to have a hard time finding tutorials/docs. Is there actually a shortage, or am I just oblivious?

If I had to do it over again, I’d train myself from youth in the Way of the Ninja, and spend many decades in the mountains and forests and wolf packs of Tibet, honing my skills with the single-edged rapier. Once that was done, I’d return to the States and enter the middle class, where I’d spend at least two weeks learning not to spend each and every cent I made (plus a bit) on frivolous status items.

Having conquered both the single-edged rapier and discipline itself, I’d learn Ruby, and write some projects. I think RPG Maker uses Ruby. Maybe I should have checked that out. I have this cool idea for an RPG about these two brothers, raised by their reclusive dad in a small town, who are forced to go a-questing after their father disappears, only to discover one-hundred thousand plot twists. I think I had something in there where you could style their hair to personalize them, too. That’s my outstretched hand of friendship and acceptance across the hardcore/casual RPGer gap. You’re welcome.

Um, I think where I was going two paragraphs ago is here: If I had the utmost in personal discipline, I’d do what they all say, and start with some small throwaway projects as I learn stuff, then move on. But no. I’m jumping right in. Excelsior, and all that. Don’t hold this post against me if I do end up switching to PHP. :P


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