The brief version: Inspired by a Patrick McKenzie post inviting others to join him on his 30-day-product race, I’m pulling Runimal out of the slow, dark current of projects I have hidden on my hard drive, and diving into it full-steam*.

* In this case, full-steam means about an hour + 1/2 per day, as possible. Full-time job + marriage accounts for the rest, and I would rather keep those than finish this in a month (in all honesty).

The brief run-down:

  1. Web app in a single (badly formed) sentence: Set running goals for yourself, send challenges to your friends, and track everyone’s progress!
  2. Platform: RubyOnRails? I’m an ASP.NET web dev by day, but I like the RoR stuff I’ve done so far (not much). Whether I can translate my slight RoR knowledge into an actual site is yet to be seen, isn’t it?

Just to throw it out there, I know this isn’t a “normal” BoS mISV product (don’t worry about counter-examples). It’s monetized by ads (at least for v1), and my financial goals are modest. Unlike most of my Ideas, though, this one has (in my mind) a clear path for growth and feature development, and I like the idea of using it.

Where I’m at:

  • Mockups. I have some first-draft page mockups. Did those first, after the one-sentence site overview. ;)
  • Design doc. I have the beginnings of a Runimal design document (Lite edition). Has some quick use cases, a stab at figuring out my database schema, list of pages/behaviors, future stuff, notes… Whatever.
  • That’s pretty much it. No code.

Next steps:

  • Figure out database. I’m unsure of how to represent the goals properly. More detail in future post? Maybe so.
  • Make a 2nd draft of mockups, create ‘final’ CSS files, whatnot.
  • Make RoR app, hook up my design.
  • Hook up functionality.
  • ???
  • Profit

I’ll have to figure out the best balance of blogging for me. With limited time, that may err on the side of spend-time-coding. Shoot me a comment or an e-mail if you have a question.

Thanks for reading.


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